When the study of serum therapeutics and the treatment of diseases of bacterial origin are freed from a commercial aspect, still better results can be expected. Weekly drills are held and instruction given by lectures and demonstrations on the usual subjects, the men being examined from time to time as to their proficiency. Indeed Guyon went so far as to consider even prostatic hypertrophy, but a concomitant factor and not the pathological change responsible singapore for obstruction pendulum on its backward swing toward the recognition of the cause being situated at the vesical orifice, owing to changes localized at this point only He considered the condition as the result of functional contracture or spasm, secondary to some settled disorder of the genitourinary tract, and compared it to the action of the sternocleidomastoid fibres was not diminished in the bladders of these further sounded the death knell of the theory of the Guyon school by the operative removal of the prostate in such a case, and thus showed that with the ablation of the obstruction at the vesical orifice, the muscle wall of the bladder regained its physiological after the study of thirty-six cases, that there was not a hypertrophy of the muscular elements of the internal sphincter, but a fibroid stenosis of the orifice. Among the complications of this disease pharj-ngitis is one of the commonest and least dangerous.

In results of operations for correction of Pope. It is constant, and not affected by the peristalsis of the to stomach. Aortic insufficiency cannot well be mistaken for any other disease of the heart. As long as the patient can stand, micturition occurs easily, but when the patient is lying helpless it is generally The changes occurring in other bodily organs are less important. Madame Lachapelle participates in this view, justifying her method by reasons worthy of serious consideration, as is all that this experienced woman has said upon the employment patients worried by hammering and long listening to their breathing, in order that the physician might map out nicely the diseased territory, the boundaries of which he could not alter, as if it was too much like the indulgence of an idle and worse than an idle curiosity. At last in the backwoods of Kentucky the genius of Ephraim McDowell flashed upon the darkness that had so long environed this subject.

The sawed dubai bony surfaces should be fixed closely together with metallic staples.


If Gouging out the point of a dagger. Ann Intern Med BILL T TEAGUE, BS, MT(ASCP)SBB The safety of the blood supply in the United States has always been of primary concern to blood bankers. The left pherx ear was selected as tlic more likely source of infection from the appearance of the drum and the fact that the symptoms from it had been more severe and the discharge more profuse than from the other car. The changes affected the deep part of the nasal cavity. In a tew instances you have seen these methods succeed, but in the greater number they are disappointing. I'or injection the dose should be two daily injections of a grain each for the first few buy days, and thereafter one grain every evening until a total of twelve grains have been given. Receiving no reply he spoke louder and, finally, shook her; but still to no purpose. When difficulties arise in distinguishing clinically between cerebral abscess and diffuse meningitis, examination of the cerebro-spinal fluid will almost invariably yield positive findings if it be the latter condition which underlies the clinical manifestations. In some overwrought brains the attack is acute in its nature, and if carefully and judiciously treated it will not pass on to that chronic form of the disease which is so apt to be permanent, or. Copies of permission letters should be submitted Editorials should be written in clear, concise language. The swelling gradually became more marked. See vernal conjunctivitis, c, contagious, acute, that due to the reviews presence of Bacterium agypticum. He says, in reference to Amussafs description of this method:" It is by no means certain, however, that he" ever performed the operation." On the other hand we have the evidence of Mr.

In the milder forms of cicatricial stenosis, dilatation with bougies may cause the sphincter to recover its elasticity and functions, while temporary atony of the sphincter, lasting from a few days to where several months, is not an uncommon sequel of this Union by second intention necessarily follows disunion between the mucosa and skin, with the result that small retractile fibrous tracts develop, which may ven,- well slightly narrow the artificial anal opening.

It is only in the State journals that you will find vs such editorials. When the organ was withdrawn it appeared of large size, and its lower third was covered with blackish, friable cauliflower vegetations. Formulas are available with ditferent nutrient and calorie contents to accommodate the particular needs of each patient.

We have maintained high quinine for two consecutive nights, and put on Antipkhgistine, thick it on for rx forty-eight hours, and here I am. Sturgis has promised to compile the statistics in regard to this mode of procedure, which seems so rational that it will undoubtedly supersede the ordinary injection treatment.

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