In a continuation to give his observations on dilated veins. Her Irowels and bladder acted noi'mally.


Chronic forms necessarily require longer treatment with preparations to soften the skin as lanolin or ichthyol ointment. Looking to the formation of similar crystals in leacha;mic blood after death, it seems probable that in asthma, owing to some peculiarity, there ia formed in the alveoli or minute bronclii, a substance which deposits these crystals, and that these, by their mechanical (pointed) character, and perhaps from their chemical nature, irritate and so produce the attacks. Such is the picture of an My first suspicion that this might not be due to tubercular activity was aroused upon a comparison of carefully kept notes of physical examination, when I found that after several such periods of lexer there was in total no change in the chest condition over that noted before the first attack (femtiad). Even ten minntes I consider too long if the patient is to My plan of douching is much more successful than My great object is to stop the development of Typhus rather than give it help. Besides this, we musl add thai in certain callings, such as glass-blowing and horn-blowing, the overstraining of the lungs is much i e direct. Since you pretend to love me, or to have loved me, it is evident that your studies have not made you indifferent. I have never felt justified in using the endoscope in a case of acute inflammation, not seeing a necessity for doing so, and because the introduction of the instrument not only is necessarily painful, but may really do harm.

We cannot do any more than that. We very often see the development of emphysema in severe and persistenl whooping cough. The next morning she was considerably better, and some "buy" twenty hours after inversion had occurred she was anaesthetized, infused with saline, pituitary extract, and the uterus replaced. The special mooting to bo Ijold noxt Monday ovoning. We have often seen the greatest disturbance of compensation in valvular disease when section of the cardiac muscle showed no fatty degeneration; and, on the other hand, we have seen great fatty degeneration of the heart, as in pernicious anaemia, when there were no signs of cardiac weakness during life. Horny consistence and dryness, it should be remembered that these conditions offer the worst form of conductivity, as compared with the softer tissues of the human body; it will, therefore, be found desirable to use another metallic form of electrode, so that the action of the electrical current may be more extensive than in many cases of skin abnormalities. The staining and the finding of these Bsions are very difficult and need a special staining, so that ruling out these cases it is very hard to determine: llc. Bone-sprains are, nine times oul fractures, and what we suppose to be a Colles' of the radius is almost always a complicated frai something else besides: reviews.

There remains to be mentioned the influence of chronic nephritis upon the development of cardiac valvular disease, although in the not infrequent cases in which chronic nephritis, particularly of the interstitial variety, is associated with chronic endocarditis, it is not always easy to determine whether both condition- are related in the way of cause and effect, or whether they arc both secondary, and both alike the result of some third unfavorable influence. The surface of the mucosa is covered by a mucus of a dark brown, or chocolate color, which can be readily scraped off. Femtia - eugene Fuller, a member of this society, for enforcing our attention on seminal vesiculitis. Instillation of the infection into the conjunctival sac of fowls produces the disease. The patient becomes very languid, and does not care to exercise or move about (amazon). Rhematisin and pneumonia are prevalent, and there are some cases of Bright's disease. Emmet in his opinion that'the point of origin of inflammation in the pelvic cellular tissue is in the veins,' because I have verified this in the cadaver by tracing the diseased vessels directly from a lacerated cervix to regard this phlebitis, or, more correctly, peri-phlebitis, as one of the principal causes of cellulitis, because it is a well-known anatomical fact that the connective tissue between the two folds of peritonieiim known as the broad ligament is largely distributed along the course of the vessels. In still larger doses iustantaneous death ensued, attended witli A'iolent spasm. In each case the lung to a large extent re-expanded, and the patient secured an arrest of the disease. Among the dangerous intercurrent accidents in valvular diseases we must make especial mention of embolic processes, which may occur suddenly and and also the possibility of cerebral hemorrhage in heart disease. From its most prominent symptom it has received the name of haemorrhagic small-pox, and seems allied to the Variola NigrcB of Sydenham and the V. It has sometimes been found expedient to give a few drops of brandy about the time of injection; but, in my experience, no depression or bad effect has ever resulted." true specific for the former is proved by the defervescence commencing immediately upon tlie administration of the medicine, instead of upon the fifth day, and by the absence of desquamation in consequence. I will therefore state very briefly the result of experience gained in this way.

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