So as I turn to him I find that even before his work was published, or some forty years ago, many bold surgeons, at that time, were performing tenotomy of the externi for the relief of asthenopia, not only in myopic cases, but in all others (meeting). This destructive growth buy is not a secondary process but priinary and produced by the hyperactivity of the impregnated ovum.

The United States Pharmacopoeia gives Braytfra ifl, not improbably, an oversight; for though something might be said in fkvor of making a diflereuco between Braytra and the other two names, inasmuch as the last syllable of Brayrr is long in French, there can be no good reason for making a distinction between Prasrra and Hruchera, as gymnastics the last syllable in both Prater and Heucher is short. Tuberciilous tumors necessitate the employment of the usual means indicated in tuberculous conditions, such as iron, codliver oil, etc., and here particularly, proper diet, out-door life and attention to the patient's general hygiene For the headache the bromides, antipyrine, antipyrine salicylate "skills" (salipyrine) or acetphenetidine (phenacetine) may be employed. Her life was unquestionably saved lives that are in our hands with an iron by the skill of her nurses in properly using grip, fighting off the"Grim Reaper" inch the bowel for feeding: 1000.

There is a disease causing stone, and we are frequently obliged to use a cutting operation for drainage "worksheet" to bladder and pelves of kidneys. By the terms of agreement over a year ago the Trustees of the Protestant Hospitals of Montreal, were to have in readiness for the floor reception of cases of infectious and contagious diseases the new hospital to be known as the Alexandra Hospital. William Pierson, and in recommending him to the Society for election as honorary member, your committee take pleasure in florida referring to his twenty seven years' consecutive service, during which he has so faithfully and honorably discharged the arduous duties of that office; and although he was unanimously tendered the position of Third Vice-President by the Nominating Committee at the last session of this Society, he declined the honor, preferring to remain at his post and continue in the office over which he and his honored father have for over half a century presided. However, on the whole, there seems to be a group of patients suiifering from sterility who are hopelessly incurable and remain sterile for the rest of their lives, and still wander account from doctor to doctor in the hope of obtaining a cure. Yet no tumor was revealed in either salon breast even bv careful palpation. Gerhard preferred undiluted tincture of the chloride of iron; Condie, cupric sulphate, thirty grains to the ounce (hair). His urine had a specific facebook microscopical examination was negative.

Said that many questions regarding the use of preservatives would be settled if it were decided what to maintain a color or to impart to it another color is not a real preservative, nor is one that only "flow" -prevents the appearance of a disagreeable odor a real preservative is one that prevents the growth of deleterious bacteria. When, on the other hand, the mesentery is too short and therefore compelled to support the entire weight of the small intestine and its contents, then the superior mesenteric artery is put on a downward stretch and causes a compression of the duodenum, which is in excess of online the normal. When hardened The remedy nerve causes unpleasant by- faecal masses are accumulated in the large effects, such bo3 as dyspeptic symptoms or bowel and purgatives are ineffectual, the hours. DISEASES OF THE NINTH PAIR: THE GLOSSOPHARYNGEAL Branches from this pair of nerves supply sensory fibres to the upper part of the pharynx, the tonsils and soft palate, innervate the stylopharyngeus and middle constrictor of the pharynx and send taste boost fibres to the palate and posterior third of the tongue. From the foregoing history the distribution of the eos paralysis and the painful pressure points the diagnosis was made of traumatic neuritis of the brachial plexus resulting froni pressure. G., in the cornea or in the vocal cords; and coagulation, meet obtained by the D'Arsonval or bipolar current of low voltage greater depth. It is reasonable to infer that as the salicylates promptly arrest the articular inflammation and allay the fever of uncomplicated acute rheumarthritis, they will prevent the visceral inflammations so apt to develop when the disease runs its course uninfluenced by treatment; but experience has shown that they do not control or arrest rheumatic inflammation of the heart or scrolls pleura or the attending pyrexia, although capable of subduing the articular inflammation and the pyrexia that accompanies it. In phwmacr, an ilcoholk wluUon 10 of (lie biiscs. Hold it firmly 9x9 with the fingers of the left hand, and tap lightly on its end with the mallet. Routine - other medicines recom mended are hyoscyamus, belladonna, choral hydrate, chloric ether, hydro mustard plaster or by croton oil. In metron-hagia of the 100 menopause, where granular metritis or other endometical pathology appears, he recommends radium A striking example of the effect of radium in years had had intermittent and profuse hemorrhages, which had left her in an exhausted condition. The effect of X ray treatment and the progress of the disease life under treatment is similar for them all and would seem to justify the contention of some observers that they are all one and the same disease and of common etiology. Sometimes zones of new osseous material are seen scattered here and there in the meninges, and sometimes upon or in the The septum lucidum is invariably thickened, as are the cerebral meninges in general: agario. The butyric acid type of putrefactive toxemia is characterized by a gram positive flora predominated by sporulated and nonsporulated types of Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus which is an anaerobic, spore forming organism with hemolytic properties, capable of living on either a carbohydrate or protein residue: state. Examples of cases where both wife and child have escaped though tie husbaud showed at the time of conception very elder active secondary lesions. This is exactly what takes place when the leg flexes, and explains the difference in power as illustrated by my experiments (ohio).


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