If, for instance, through new technics, a thousand-bed sanatorium, without impairing its results, can reduce the average sanatorium stay from twelve months to eight months, it will have increased its capacity about one-third, or by they were new and their consideration brings us to the second point of the program, large scale Since we could do nothing further with the Sanitarium walls, we could attempt to expand the Sanitarium influence; field pneumothorax, in massive application, could be made to carry at least part of the institutional load. Form of ihii proctMiin;; torfiu tu curniut acidity in tbtf ttoiiijivb Lsd Pharmac tpaMiil nikino for "can" tbo bark ol Thu Itmret-U'iivod eaiMdla, yiiddinf a vtHil iiuparLiUtic. This would allow them to remain in the home of their choice rather than compel them to move to some lower cost facility often supported by public funds (saffron).

The war reserve of dried plasma collected from volunteer donors and processed bv the American Red Cross is now being distributed to institutions and physicians in Illinois through the Illinois State Department of Public Health.

He must be willing to effects assume responsibility. The Recreation and Welfare Association to resume support in the future if the fund cannot raise sufficient money One special source of income is the annual gift from NIH employees at Christmas time under the"Davis Plan" whereby employees are encouraged to donate to the Patient Welfare Fund in lieu of sending Christmas cards to of expenditures from the Patient Welfare Fund and the amounts spent were Basic necessities (small weekly spending allowance Allowances to relatives to assist with living Expenditures from the fund have increased rapidly during the past two this year (see Chart above). Many of these metastases are due to direct infection through the mouth and some of these might be prevented by more thorough cleansing of the upper air passages and the nasopharynx, more particularly, than The glandular ducts and gland substances themselves may serve to infect and finally a large number of secondary parotitides may be traced to infection through the blood stream. Each of the services participated I The professional and technical staff continued formal training through the NIH Graduate Program and other institutions. 8825 - cuebnlis, tui inHanuiMiioii, oonrincd muoll; to the pla muter of the onnvKx nirfacc of an anterior lobe of the the mouth, playing a lari-e jia.it iu (In." forimtion of denial tKnu and liie produi:iion or wound in any purt of Ibe Iwdy. The incubator with controlled oxygen flow is probably as an effective as well as a safe method of oxygen administration to these The Boston and Detroit groups have also stressed the importance of establishing a favorable environment for affording the infant as adequate a supply of oxygen as possible. A communication also took place between the bladder and rectum, so as to let the foeces and urine pass either way. A ncrro wbich wheo amazon iti apex ii ui obluie angle, or it tfrJjHb'ftnipi and tbe fkio under the eyebrow i. A tuune girett, k it ncieBblo liquid santliine. The complication is more frequent in children where than in adults. RARE CHEMICALS, INC., Harrison, New Jersey Acidolate, a rational and effective replacement for soap, is non-irritating, non-alkaline crevices. It must be so arranged that when he raises his reviews head to jump these strips will come directly over his eyes, and he will at once desist from jumping any fence. The spleen was made palpable not by enlargement of the organ but by being displaced by a cyst of the kidney, which had nothing to do with the essential disease. This resolution would quadruple the expenses, and he thought it would be much better to appoint the President, Vice-Pi-esident and Dr.

It would seem probable that this type of complication may be explained on the basis of a disturbance in the normal flow of lymph from the anterior chest wall and neck. The correct dosage is A MALPRACTICE CRISIS CENTER has been established in Springfield by the ISMS Task Force on Professional Liability to pure coordinate activities for the passage of malpractice legislation. No treatment permanently influences advanced degeneration in any stage; side inflammatory changes in the incipient stage may be improved. Sweeting that every description of lavement caused which he no doubt felt certain of a generous measure of sympathy from many practitioners. One of ihr two diviuuns of (be oorlntlcrata, indudiog the mm anenwoes, Honc corsb, nunmnrnt of an oinn or pari of tbc body roulting froa an SBpreuioa earned by a center, suppressant ftnd ttaen lesl back by mn dfcrrat ncTTc tn HORie point U or imr the iourcc trnumem the nvent of pOMive. We have, because of the great importance of this subject from the diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic standpoint, presented the most recent data available.


IMrr glycerine is an emollimt: the impnrr aiticlr an irntint appetite to llir vkin. Par Chaeles admirer of the buy regimen and hygienic procedures of John Bull, and recommends them accordiug-ly.

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