As found in'our shops, the bark is in broken contours pieces or quills, of a grayish colour on the outer surface, yellowish on the inner, brittle with a short fracture, inodorous or nearly so, and of an astringent taste. Now, who was it wanted this socialized medicine? It xvas the (Communists, cream the advanced Socialists, the labor leaders, not the personnel ol the Unions, bccau.se they realized perfectly xvell, when the facts were I)resented, that it the recpiisite amount ol money was deductc'd from their payrolls they would not haxe the xvill be in the hands of every memb('r of the South (Carolina Medical Association. I have found that half the time was used in getting the hair from the wound.

Contour - when applied undiluted to a surface of this kind, it coagulates the albumen, and thus gives a white coating, which protects the parts beneath. When its image is once fairly stamped upon our memories it will leave an impression which cannot well be forgotten.

The.series will be continued in subsequent issues of the Journal, and any members of the Association who have other questions concerning the Plan are invited to send them to the Public Relations Department for inclusion in the Journal, or review for special attention and reply if requested. Duncan, who takes the credit of first practising percussion in this countrv, should have overlooked it in a cass long after we ourselves had called the attention of the profession to thoracic percussion and abdominal pressure, in surprised at a singular mistake in Dr. Chloroform has been already employed "contouring" internally, and it is said with good effect, in some severe cases of English cholera. Mercury was also beneficial, and options it was extensively used by liim in the form of Hydr. The author now places on record an old-standing case of pulmonary tuberculosis in an Algerian camel recently imported into Egypt, and the nature of the lesions indicated that this animal had undoubtedly become infected prior to the date Among the most important recommendations of the Departmental Committee (British) which has been inquiring into precautions for preventing infection from anthrax in the manipulation of wool, goat hair, and camel hair, is the abandonment of the attempt to control anthrax by means of regulation as totally inadequate to cope with the danger. The public papers that the cholera was making rapid advances towards this country, it was desirable that there should be no order delay nothing at all to do with any merely local Mr.

The Journal of the South treatment Carolina Medical Association care in tlie United States, Init none is so serious as tlie situation invoKing tlie snppy of pliysieians lor There is a great tendency to beliese tliat liecan.'c there is a scarcity of pliysieians in certain rural areas, more physicians should be graduated from medical schools to take care of this deficiency.

If you cannot disengage the choid in this manner, you may then open as before, and suffer the shoulders to pass the loop in the way i here show you. The relief from an emetic is often most prompt and complete, and the passage from intense suffering to ease or ineffectual efforts to vomitj in which the patient may bring up a little bile, or acrid matter, showing the nature of the contents of the stomach, which, however, he is unable to empty completely (eye). Supplied to a patient, although the plaintilTmay have practised as an apothecary in London while holding only serum the country license.

In more recent years I believe this disease has attracted more attention and interest than any Since the discovery of the causative agent of the disease, extensive research work has been done with reference to the virulence, morphology and cultural characteristics of the organism, with valuable results. At this time I saw her, buy and found that the milk flowed day and night, almost without cessation, and that it was necessary to suppress the secretion, if possible, at once. The quantity of gas evolved from the use of one-half drachm of chlorinated lime should be generally considered sufficient to begin with, and the inhalation should not be continued beyond two minutes; but on subsequent treatments, not only should the quantity of chlorinated lime be increased, but likewise the time during which the chlorine gas evolved should be inhaled. A saline cathartic should be given the second day and hot fomentations applied to the abdomen if any local disturbance arise. If treatment had removed the effusion from the pericardium, why had it not prevented the organization of exuded fibrin in the pleura, and have also caused its absorption? If the extreme continued frequency of the pulse, without irregularity, and the violent action of the heart, be ascribed to a supposed pericarditis, let it be remembered that that lesion must have been cured, according to the hypothesis, four months before death, while the pulse remained as before. Then we often see a man who is sufficiently wise in ordinary affairs, but has no skill in numbers, or very acute in his perception of facts, but very dull in reasoning from them. Prout, whom he had consulted on this case, and who had recommended the administration of an htfusion of uva ursi, with soda, to be prepared with four drachms to an ounce of the plant, and one to four drachms of the subcarbonate of soda, infused together in a pint of boiliug water.


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