Moorhof, arising from the technic. Adhesive pericarditis may act in this way. When this disease occurs in connection with malignant disease of the uterus, it often assumes a light and Twelve per cent, of one liundred and thirty-five soldiers treated for typhoid fever in the Pennsjivania Hospital suffered from milk-leg. If there is decided oppression, it may be relieved by inhaling the steam from a hot saturated solution of chlorid of ammonium, or the compound tincture of buy benzoin floated on hot water, while in children an emetic dose of ipecac may produce the desired relaxation. The urine gives generally very fairly characteristic indications. When inflammation results in the formation of an abscess, its watery contents can be absorbed, and leave a cheesy mass. J.AMES Tyson, of Philadelphia, stated that from quite a large experience he agreed that every effort should be made to impress upon those to whom it is a somewhat inconvenient measure that under all circumstances cold bathing should be used for the treatment of fever.

He gave a sketch of the preparation of antitoxin, briefly discussed sero-therapy, and closed with a plea for the segregation of diphtheria-cases. This mav be order true in some cases, and not in others. It is, I believe, simple, convenient, and useful. Dispensaries is entirely out of proportion to the number of poor people requiring medical relief, it is considered to be to the best interests of the profession to discourage further multiplication of such institutions. See Wounds of Head; Diseases Involving Skull. On the other hand, previous murmurs may disappear.


The kidneys are not acting, and the secretion of urine is suppressed. The poison potency of acute yellow atrophy, whatever its nature, acts in the same way. Retraction of the lower lid is occasionally seen. Roberts, of Philadelphia, which appears in the present issue of Dr. In point of fact, twist in the large bowel reviews is not often recognized. The calcium salts may be given to influence coagulation, and the nitrites if the blood pressure is high, but rest and diet, restriction of the fluids, and free purgation are usually more effectual than drugs in reducing blood ANETJKISM OF THE ABDOMINAL AOKTA were between the ages of twenty-five and forty-five (tonic). The relation of the large intestine to tlie cyst is most important, since it is only exceptionally that it lies in front of one of ovarian origin. Quart, was given regularly every two hours until the temperature reached the normal. Not only do we appreciate thoroughly how cold may disturb the delicate balance maintained between the functional activity of the skin and the state of the blood-vessels and glandular structures of the pharyngeal mucous membrane, but we have learned that a similar interdependence exists between the condition of the latter region and the activity of the metabolic processes (those of assimilation and destructive metamorphosis).

It is beyond the bounds of reason to suppose that cases observed and operated upon by well-known surgeons all over the world should have been submitted to castration when the same results would have been obtained by" rest in bed and careful catheterism." In many instances this is expressly stated to have been tried and to have failed.

He does not attempt to explain the paradox, his experiments being designed to show that this paralyzing action on the cord is present. Change to malignancy is not common, but when it occurs, the masses grow rapidly and are characterized by many metastases.

The appearance of the cyst in situ is of importance, as it not only aids in showing the etiology of the but aids in making the differential diag nosis. (c) Obstruction of male the bowel, as already mentioned, may simulate peritonitis, both having pain, vomiting, tympanites, and constipation in common.

The combination of tonics heightened blood pressure, a palpable thickening of the arteries, hypertrophy of the left ventricle, and accentuation of the aortic second sound are signs pathognomonic of arterio-sclerosis. The skin becomes stretched and forms striae, swelling of the navel, hernia, occasionally from pressure upon the great vessels, oedema, varicosities in the legs, in the sexual apparatus, and in the skin of the abdomen.

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